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The Multidisciplinary Course offers a unique international experience by combining the study of space law with the legal and social aspects of artificial intelligence.
The courses are tailored for a diverse range of participants, from bachelor and master students, PhD candidates and professionals aiming to discover the interconnected world of artificial intelligence. 
Our unparalleled methods support participants prepare for the next step in their development and broaden their horizons. 
We use innovative teaching methodology aiming to enhance your skills by combing theoretical learning with real-life experiences in an international diverse environment.

Topics covered


Artificial Intelligence & Space Law

- Understanding Artificial Intelligence: how does it operate, technical functionalities 

- European & international legal frameworks

- Liability for damage caused by AI systems

- Designing AI for Human Rights Values

- Industry applications: healthcare, retail, finance, legal industry, education etc.

- Commercial space: private actors and the challenges to Space Law (SpaceX, Blue Origin, Facebook, Google, Apple etc.)

- Satellite Communications: legal aspects 

- The role of Space Technology in the operation of Artificial Intelligence

- Liability for damage caused by space objects equipped with AI capabilities

- National Space Legislation in the age of Artificial Intelligence

- Dual Space Technologies and their legal framework

- Intellectual Property rights for AI creations on Earth and in Space

Capstone Project

At the end of the course, you will have the chance of presenting your own Capstone Project developed together with your colleagues. You will work in a multidisciplinary group and will prepare for presenting your findings in the last day of the course. You will be able to choose from a list of Capstone Topics made available in the first day of the course.

The title of your Capstone Project will be listed on the Graduation Diploma issued after graduation. 

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